For all your maintenance, service and advice for vacuüm pumps and industrial pumps

Ebara EVMS

FHHDC 80-2-96 High pressure pump

FH R5-630 Vacuüm pump


Your supplier of industrial vacuum pumps and pumps we do service and maintenance. At your place and if that is a problem we have a workshop where we can do that to.

Flowhow BV is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the supply, maintenance and service of both electrical and technical nature to a wide range of vacuum pumps and pumps in the Food, Non-Food, stimulants, Petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The power of Flowhow BV. is supplying pumps and vacuum pumps with the knowledge of the various applications where they are used, so that the right choices can be made in design and pricing together with the customer.

Thanks to our wide range of vacuum pumps, pumps and dosing pumps , we can fulfill almost all pump applications and you can place your need for a vacuum pump, pump and other process components with one supplier.

In summary, Flowhow BV can respond adequately to all your requests for process components and for vacuum pumps and pumps for both the industrial, food and pharmaceutical markets.

On request we can also service and maintain cleaning equipment (eg. Elpress, Waterkracht, Dibo, Lets, Ecolab and Jures) for the customer both centrally and de-centrally systems. You see Flowhow BV is very versatile.

Focus-oriented work towards the customer are the key words that apply to Flowhow BV.

William Koning Directeur/CEO

Service Bus Flowhow BV