Flowhow BV registers and processes certain personal data. In this policy we inform you about the handling of this data. The policy is drawn up in accordance with the AVG General Data Protection Regulation Act.

Article 1: Definitions What is personal data Personal data are data that can be used to identify someone, such as name, address, address and age. The AVG includes processing: • Collecting, recording and organizing • Storing, updating and changing • Retrieving, consulting, using • Providing by means of transmission • Distribution or any other form of provision • Bringing together, relating to each other • Protecting, erasing or destroying data

Article 2: Whose Flowhow BV processes personal data. Flowhow BV processes personal data of people who are, were or will be in relation to Flowhow BV, such as customers, suppliers and the administration office. Flowhow BV does not process special personal data (religion / medical / etc.), Unless the relationship asks for it themselves or it must be based on the law.

Article 3: What does Flowhow BV lay down Flowhow BV lays down the minimum that is necessary for the purpose of good business operations. For customers, this is the email address and telephone number for business correspondence and address details for sending the invoice / quotes and any newsletter and / or business greeting. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time.

Article 4: Permission Your data will only be processed if you give your consent. When entering into a relationship you will be advised of the privacy policy and asked to agree. This can be done through mail contact, an agreement, creating an account, a quote or invoice in which the following message is included: By signing you agree to the Privacy Policy of Flowhow BV, which you can read from the website ( has received or received on request. You can view your data at any time or ask for it to be changed.

Article 5: Handling of personal data Flowhow BV handles the personal data with care and is only processed for the business purpose that contributes to good business operations. The personal data is not shared with third parties without permission.

Article 6: Mr. Koning is at Flowhow BV for the correct implementation of this policy. Mr Koning is the processor For any questions / complaints you can contact Mr. Koning on e-mail: Subject: AVG